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“Using the benefit of our expertise and knowledge, we look forward to offering you our unique personal service at
The Dress Fabric Company.”

Located in the delightful Bruntsfield area of the city, The Dress Fabric Company has been providing beautiful fabrics to both professional and home dressmakers, for more than 15 years.

Gwenyth, the owner, is a qualified Home Economist, who specialised in textiles, and also has a postgraduate Diploma in Textile Design. For more than 20 years, she enjoyed sharing this expertise as an Adult Education tutor of Dressmaking, running community education classes in Edinburgh. In business, Gwenyth has built excellent relationships with her suppliers, spanning over 25 years in the trade.

"Gwenyth has exceptional knowledge, skill and enthusiasm, a real depth of understanding of fabrics, their qualities and characteristics.......she has a great capacity for knowing her customers and assisting them in realising their expectations and is not afraid to give candid and honest advice."
The Dress Fabric Company
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